Your safety is our priority

Every vehicle that is going to be operating in a mining environment should be equipped with a roll over protection structure. This structure is a necessity to insure that you are protected in case your vehicle rolls over or crashes in these dangerous environments. 


Viper Rops are our top of the line Roll Over Protection Structures. All our structures are build with high quality materials, to insure a superior and durable build quality.

Design and Engineering

Every one of our Viper Roll Over Protection Structures has been carefully designed and engineered to insure optimum safety .

Latest Technologies

We use the latest equipment and technology for designing and engineering our structures. This insures that every structure can be built with extreme precision.

Outer Rops

Optimum Mining Safety 

The Outer Roll Over Protection Structure is a must for pick-up trucks that are gonna be operating in a mining environment.

The Outer ROPS protects the entire cabin from being crushed in case the vehicle would roll over. 

Strobe and Mining Whip

The Outer rops is perfect for mounting a strobe light and or mining flag. We also provide these mining safety items and much more. Find out more about all our mining safety items by clicking on the link below.

Precision Built Structures for Every Truck on the Market

Our Viper ROPS team builds every structure with extreme precision to insure optimum safety.

Brake Light Mounting

We can also mount your old sports bar brake light unto our Viper Rops. This makes a perfect higher mounted brake light that is better visible in the mine.

Custom Colors

Our Viper Rops can be painted to any desired color if required. 

Precision Built

Every one of our Viper Rops builds is engineered to our exact specifications to insure a extreme precision.

Inner Rops

The best protection for your inner cabin!



Roll Cages

Viper Rops Cages 

For vehicles that have larger cabins like station wagons and busses that will be operating in a mining environment we specifically design and build custom roll over cages. 

Custom builds

We can build custom roll over cages to accommodate almost every vehicle on the market today. 

Rear Window Protection Grill

Protect your rear window and cabin with one of our Viper window protection grills.






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